piHole is back!!

Posted on: September 28, 2008

I know it’s not exactly the most popular blog (yet!), but it’s my baby and I’m glad to see it has a home on the web again. Mind you I haven’t yet figured out how to import all my old data that I think I backed up from its last life, but I can always start fresh if I have to.

Anyhow, I’m working on a cool new WPF-based Windows app called OrangeNote (based on the Mac app of the same name developed by a friend of mine), and I must say it’s looking good.

Get a load of this… it’s beautiful even when it’s not showing anything. 🙂

So stay tuned for that. It’s gonna be great.

What? You want to know what it does? Well I don’t want to give it all away, but it’s basically a system-wide repository for all your textual information, complete with a lightning-quick, full-text search engine that can be brought up with a global hotkey. You’ll basically never have to use a text file to jot something down again.

On that note, it’s good to be back, and with any luck piHole will be around for a lot longer this time around!

See you next post.


2 Responses to "piHole is back!!"

[…] interface of OrangeNote I was just so thrilled at how things were turning out that I just had to tell the world, and so piHole was reborn. I decided to give the hosted service a try, even though I knew it had a […]

i raelly like it graphic

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