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Go to orangenote.littlesoftware.ca and get free text clipping software for your PC. OrangeNote allows you to store text clippings (either entered manually or copied directly from text in another program) in a full-text index and find them by means of typing just a few letters.


OrangeNote™ 1.0

OrangeNote™ 1.0

OrangeNote Standard Edition is completely free for personal use and includes an array of handy features above and beyond what you might expect. Some examples: you can click a tag to instantly search for and display all sibling notes tagged with it; holding down modifier keys while the console (the system tray menu) is open will show any notes bound to those modifiers; typing a hotkey while the console is open will instantly open the note bound to that hotkey, and so forth. There are lots of nifty features to explore and discover.

If you ever find yourself typing something out again and again (who doesn’t?), OrangeNote can simplify your life and save you time by allowing you to type arbitrarily long (pages, if you want) text clippings into any program with a single keystroke of your choosing. You can choose any combination of the Control, Shift, Alt and Windows modifiers (or none) and any key thanks to a handy “keystroke recorder”—just click the “Add a hotkey” link at the top of your note and type the hotkey you want to assign the note.

The Professional Edition of OrangeNote is still in the works, but if you upgrade now for $15 you can synchronize your notes across multiple computers running OrangeNote, and upgrades are lifetime unlimited licenses, meaning you only pay once and can install the current and all future versions of OrangeNote Pro on as many computers as you like in your name. You can even upgrade for free thanks to a new service called TrialPay!

So please try it out, and most of all, please help spread the word! Remember, little companies have little advertising budgets! 😉


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